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Refill Instructions black cartridge HP 61 for HP DJ 1000/1050/1055/2050/3000/3050
HP Black Cartridge
#61 & #61XL
Refill Instructions, How to refill cartridge for HP  Deskjet 1000 Printer/HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer - J410a/HP Deskjet 1055 All-in-One Printer - J410e/HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-One Printer - J510a/HP Deskjet 3000 Printer/HP Deskjet 3050 All-in-One Printer


1. Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill.

2. Peal off the top label.

3. Fill the syringe with 15 ml. of black ink.
    (The XL version will take 25ml.)

4. Very S-L-O-W-L-Y inject ink into any hole (they all go to the same sponge, HP just used the same color mold for the black ink cartridges).

5. When finished leave the top label off and the filling holes exposed (when printing it has to pull in air).

6. Replace the cartridge and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.

 For best results, leave cartridge in printer for 8 hours after refilling so the ink can saturate the entire sponge.

The cartridge will print just like a new one. Even though the cartridge prints good, the ink level gauge will not read full after a refill.
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